Tips on How to Install a Sliding Barn Door Kit

Sliding barn doorsDoor Hardware Kit Loft 2 Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware Kit for Double Doors Living Room are usually preferred by many farmers because they make it easy for one to access the barn regardless of the weather.

The doors can also be left as open or closed as you need them to be. Other than being used on the outside, the doors can also be used in the interior spaces where they are used as an alternative to separators and traditional doors.

When you buy the sliding barn door kit, you should read the instruction sheets that always accompanies them.

The kit will guide you on how to properly install and take good care of your door. If you want to learn how to install your sliding barn door kit, here are the steps you should follow:

The first thing that you should do is to measure and cut two lengths of the mounting board for each of the doors. The boards that you cut should be the same length as the doors and two inches wider than the track.

Once you have cut the boards you should attach the mounting boards to the top and bottom of the doorway. You ensure that the mounting boards run straight along the doorway.

You should then measure and cut two lengths of track for each of the barn doors and then use joint brackets to attached the required track sections. You should ensure that the the tracks are the same length as the section along which you want the barn door to slide.

If installing two sling doors, you should ensure that the tracks are twice as wide as each of the doors so that you are able to slide them together on one track. If you are installing one door, the track should be the same width as the door. You may need two sliding barn door kits.

When placing the brackets, you should ensure that they occur every 6 inches and they are located in the middle of the track. If attaching the track to softer or weaker material, you should measure more holes.

You should then drill holes into the sliding door tracks and mounting boards then use spacers and bolts to attach the two together. All items are shipped in the kit.

By reading the instruction kit, you should be able to securely hang rollers in the right places. You should also be able to attach any washers and bolts then mount the doors.

Once the barn doors are in place you should test them by sliding them back and forth several times. You should ensure that the mounting boards and tracks are secure and the doors don’t wobble on their path.

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